Royal buns

Preparation. Royal buns

The most tender in the world of sweet buns with golden sugar crust and layers of lush ideal test!


  • Milk – 250 ml
  • Sugar – 400 g
  • Yeast – 20 g
  • Butter – 300 g
  • Yaytsa- 3 pcs
  • Flour – 540-600 g
  • Starch – 75 g
  • Salt – 2 g
  • Vegetable oil – 50-70 ml
  • Vanilla sugar – 40 g
  • Cinnamon – 30 g
  • Muscat oreh- 5 g
  • Cardamom – 5 g


Opara. Dissolve yeast in warm milk, add sugar and flour. Cover towel approach and leave for 25 minutes at room temperature. Eggs connect with sugar. Melt butter. All pour in the brew. Mix the sifted flour, starch. Pour the sponge to the dry ingredients, knead the dough. To the dough does not stick to hands, brush with vegetable oil. Stir the dough put in a bowl, cover with towel and let stand for 1.5 hours. Every 40 minutes, punched the dough to release carbon dioxide.

Tip: if you do not produce carbon dioxide, buns will have an unpleasant smell of yeast.

A mixture of spices. Mix vanilla sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg and ground cardamom.

Put the dough on the board, Punch again. Form balls and roll out circles with a diameter of 20-25 cm. Brush with melted butter, sprinkle with sugar and a mixture of spices. Cover with parchment and pump over a rolling pin to sugar does not spill out of the bun while forming. Tightly wrap in a roll and form a bun. Put on a baking sheet, the laid parchment, leave for proofing for 15 minutes. Brush with egg yolk, sugar pritrusite. Bake at 180 degrees for 20-25 minutes.