Stewed in sour cream vegetables

Preparation. Stewed in sour cream vegetables

A wonderful summer recipe stewed vegetables, it is well suited to any cereal or pasta.

To cook them, right here are the ingredients:
2 zucchini;
2 eggplants;
1 large onion;
3 bell pepper (preferably red or orange);
4 medium tomatoes;
salt, black pepper, fennel seeds;
4 tablespoons of sour cream.
Zucchini and eggplant (the eggplant to stand in chopped salt that they spread the liquid along with it will go the bitterness, squeeze), cut into half-rings of medium thickness, salt and separately fry until half cooked and set in the pan. Sweet pepper cut into rectangles, onion – half rings, fry them together for 10 minutes, then add sliced medium-sized tomato slices and stew for another few minutes, then put into a saucepan the rest of the vegetables. Add fennel seeds, ground pepper or other spices, combined with vegetables. Add a bit of boiling water to stew the vegetables, and domesti 4 spoons of sour cream. Cook for about 20 minutes.