Curd dessert with fruit

Preparation. Curd dessert with fruit

Beautiful dessert can be festive, thanks to the variety of fruits you choose any option of filling according to your desire.

0.5 kg low-fat soft cheese;
300 grams low-fat sour cream;
sugar or stevia;
30 grams of quick-dissolving gelatin;
fruit according to your taste (here: strawberries, bananas);
Curd mix with sugar (stevia), sour cream also interfere with sugar (stevia), then combine the cottage cheese with sour cream, mixing thoroughly. Dilute the gelatin according to the instructions on the package, a thin stream pour gelatin liquid into the cheese with sour cream, stir. Fruit cut neat equal slices, spread on the bottom of dishes or forms, fill them obtained cheese-sour cream mass. Put the dish in the fridge for a couple hours.