Delicious cabbage patties

Preparation. Delicious cabbage patties

Here you will see a nice vegetarian recipe vegetable cutlets, delicious and healthy, they are perfectly combined with cereals and potatoes.

cabbage – 1 PC. (small);
rice – 1 Cup;
celery – 1/3 of a large root;
wheat flour – 1 Cup;
pea flour – 1 Cup;
dried Basil, black pepper;
any oil for frying;
salt to taste.
Thoroughly rinse the rice and rasarite it to the cutlets he had good adhesive properties. Celery root and cabbage RUB on a grater, you can chop the blender. Then mix the cabbage, celery and rice in a deep bowl, salt, add spices, a Cup of pea flour and half a Cup of wheat. Now derived from vegetable mince with wet hands, form patties of your desired shape. Then, roll them in remaining wheat flour and fry in hot oil until Golden brown. The cutlets put on a paper towel in there will absorb the excess oil.