Oven-baked catfish with greens

Preparation. Oven-baked catfish with greens

As catfish of fatty fish when cooking it the meat turns out very tender and sweet, but it has a light aroma of sludge that is not for everybody. There are certain ways to cook catfish without the smell.

We need:
som – 1 PC.;
greens – 1 bunch;
onions – 2 PCs.;
lemon – 2 PCs.;
vegetable oil – to taste;
salt and spices – to taste.
For a start, soma is necessary to gut and make a neat and deep cut from the tail from the abdomen, try not to crush the gall of that fish then not bitter. Remove all the entrails, toad, you can cut off the head. But the skin should be left, then the fish will be juicy. To remove slime from the surface, RUB it well with rock salt and then rinse well with water.
Now make cuts along the length of the back to the ridge width of a portion, but the com must be safe and not to fall apart. Then you need to RUB the fish with salt and spices, especially the notch. Then drizzle the fish with lemon juice, let it marinated for 10 minutes. The lemon should help get rid of the smell of silt. Chop onion thin half-rings, finely chop herbs, the lemon cut into circles, remove seeds.
Belly feed the catfish with greens and onions, in the incision on the back insert mugs of lemon, top the fish grease with sunflower oil. Bake in pre-heated oven on baking sheet at 200° for 45 minutes. Baked catfish is served with a side dish of vegetables, rice or boiled potatoes.